All Weather Garden Sports Kits

Mini football, Mini tennis, Badminton, Volleyball, 3 a side and 5 a side football, Cricket, Bowls, Basketball, Safe Play, Putting practice. Fun and activity for the whole family

Dorman Recycled Plastics supplies an all weather garden sports kit which can be installed in a range of sizes and removes the problems of mud, digging up your lawn and keeping the family active throughout the year an in all weathers.

Garden Sport Kit Sizes

Kits can be made to suit the available space. However, it should be remembered that the Sportsbase panels are 3m x 250mm and the carpet is 2m or 4m wide. Suggested sizes are shown below:

Garden Kit 6m x 12m

  Garden Sports Kit 8m x 16m 128 sqm
6m x 12m 72sqm
Price per sqm £49
£3,528.00 plus VAT
  8m x 16m 128 sqm
Price per sqm £49
£6,272.00 plus VAT

Access restricted? We can go in through the front door and out of the French Windows without mess. Rent your house or planning to move soon ? No problem, take your garden kit with you.

The result is an all-weather area that can be used for leisure, play and sport ALL YEAR ROUND at a relatively low cost.

Choice of Surface

There is a choice of surface available - either the sand filled surface or the 'needle punch' surface. Click these links for more information on the carpet and underneath the carpet.

Why Choose Dorman Recyled Plastics?

There are numerous companies offering many types of Artificial grass Carpets for transforming Gardens, so why choose Sportslawn?

If you are looking for a Lawn that can be “used “rather than just looked at, we are the only company that provide a system with a semi rigid base on which to lay the carpet. Not only does this give an additional shock absorbing layer for “fall over” games, it ensures a flat surface for balls to roll on, when, for example you are using the Sportslawn for putting practice. In addition, tables and chairs do not indent the carpet, which creates unevenness.

Most important of all, the patented Sportslawn system keeps rainwater away from the Lawn area. Figs 1 below shows what happens with normal construction.

You will be told to remove the turf from the area, screed 30mm of sharp sand all over and consolidate. This is not as easy as it sounds, and to achieve a flat finish is impossible, you will end up with a series of high and low spots. You then lay the carpet and sponge pad (if used) directly onto the sand.

Water will accumulate in the low spots and over a year or two these areas will soften and if subjected to heavy wear, and the overall appearance will be uneven.

Sports Kit Carpet

Fig 2 above shows the Garden Sports Kit system.

The hollow Sportsbase panels are laid onto your lawn, having first mowed it as short as possible and filled any obvious hollows with sand. The semi rigid panels follow the contours of the ground, but compensate for unevenness providing a uniform platform on which to lay the carpet.

The hollow panels provide a 30mm deep reservoir below the carpet which quickly draws the water to the sides, leaving your garden sports kit ready to play on within minutes of even heavy rainfall.