Laying Portatrack


PORTATRACK Panels are manufactured from recycled polyethylene and are virtually indestructible
The Standard Panels are 12 mm thick , weigh 33 Kgs and will take 10 tons
The Heavy Duty Panels are 18 mm thick and weigh 50 Kgs and will take 80 tons
Both panels have an embossed surface on both sides that is suitable for all vehicle types.

Laying PortatrackThe Standard panels weigh 33 Kgs Heavy Duty panels weigh 50 Kgs and both can be handled by two men. No special tools or equipment are needed.

The panels can be laid side by side to form a 2.44 m wide road, or end to end to form two trackways

We have supplied products to many Councils throughout the UK for ground protection, beach access, cemeteries and temporary roads Customers include Mobile Home Parks where the problem of moving 8 ton vans on 18” wheels across soft grass is solved with Portatrack.

Laying PortatrackWHO USES PORTATRACK ??

Installation of Portatrack

Installing Portatrack could not be simpler:

Beach access for wheelchairs

Beach access for wheelchairsAdvantages of Portatrack over other Portable Tracks

Portatrack Pricing

STANDARD PORTATRACK PANEL 8ft(2.44m) x 4ft(1.22m) x 12mm
    colour black for grey add 10%
Quantity No linking holes 4 linking holes 10 linking holes
    ( end to end) (plus side to side)
1-120 £78 £88 £98
120-400 £73 £83 £93
Over 400 £68 £78 £88
Forged steel links £3.70    
Anchor pins £12.80 60mm x 60mm safety kerb
Pulling hook £18.00 add £44 per panel

Heavy Duty Portatrack

Laying Portatrack
HEAVY DUTY PORTRACK PANEL 8ft(2.44m) x 4ft(1.22m) x 18mm
    colour black for grey add 10%
1 - 40 10 linking holes   £ 145
40-100     £ 138
Over 100     £ 129