SPORTSLAWN - Affordable Artificial Grass

The unique patented SPORTSLAWN system is a combination of interlocking plastic panels and Artificial Grass Carpet. The panels can be laid onto any flat surface, often, directly onto the existing grass pitch.

The hollow design of the panels provides an efficient drainage system and the flexibility of the material acts as a shock pad absorbing energy from falls.

Compared to conventional Pitch construction, the Sportslawn system normally shows a saving of 30%, more if the site is difficult to access with heavy machinery.


The 3m x 250mm x 35mm panels are interlocked together to form a continuous platform onto
which the carpet is laid.

Laying Sportslawn

Laying PortatrackBenefits of the SPORTSLAWN System

A sportslawn artificial pitch provides a genuine all weather surface that is usable all year round, hour after hour.

The Sportslawn system brings the luxury of an Aritifical Grass Pitch within the financial reach of Schools and Clubs who had previously considered that this exciting facility was only for those with limitless budgets.

Sportslawn System

What Type of carpet to choose?

“Astro” type Artificial grass carpets have been around for over 20 years. The original sand filled design is remembered for removing skin from elbows and knees, but over the past few years the industry has experienced a revolution, and there are now specialist carpets for every sport.

If your priority is Football and general play; the ideal surface is a long pile, rubber granule filled carpet. These are known as “3rd Generation” and are installed in most of the large Football Clubs as training pitches. The surface is very comfortable and safe to fall over on as the rubber in-fill absorbs the energy of the fall. Although not ideal for Tennis or Basketball where energy should be returned to the ball, it is acceptable for Primary School level.